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What is Tendon?

Tendon (天丼) is a popular Japanese dish that consists of tempura served on a bowl of rice and drizzled with a savory sauce. The word “tendon” is a shortened form of “tempura donburi,” where “tempura” refers to the deep-fried battered seafood and vegetables, and “donburi” refers to a rice bowl dish.

The main components of tendon include:

  1. Tempura: Tempura is a cooking technique in which ingredients, usually seafood and vegetables, are coated in a light, crispy batter and deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. Common tempura items used in tendon include shrimp, squid, white fish, sweet potato, pumpkin, eggplant, and green beans.
  2. Rice: A generous serving of steamed Japanese short-grain rice serves as the base of the tendon. The tempura is placed on top of the rice, making it a satisfying and filling meal.
  3. Tendon Sauce: The tempura is typically topped with a special tendon sauce, which is a flavorful and slightly sweet soy-based sauce. The sauce adds a delicious umami flavor and complements the crispy tempura and steamed rice.

The preparation and presentation of tendon may vary slightly depending on the restaurant, but the basic steps are as follows:

  1. The tempura ingredients are coated in a light tempura batter, usually made from a mixture of wheat flour, cornstarch, water, and sometimes egg.
  2. The tempura is then deep-fried in hot oil until it becomes golden and crispy.
  3. The steamed rice is placed in a bowl or a donburi dish.
  4. The freshly fried tempura is arranged on top of the rice, creating an attractive and appetizing display.
  5. The tendon sauce is poured over the tempura, allowing the flavors to soak into the dish.
  6. Tendon is usually served with a side of pickled vegetables and sometimes a small bowl of miso soup.

Tendon is a delicious and comforting meal that showcases the art of tempura frying, where the batter is light and crispy, and the seafood and vegetables inside remain tender and flavorful. It is a popular dish in Japanese restaurants and tempura specialty shops, and it offers a delightful combination of textures and flavors that appeals to both locals and visitors alike.

How to make Tendon (Tempura)?

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