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What is Octopus Carpaccio?

Octopus carpaccio is a dish inspired by the traditional Italian dish “carpaccio,” which typically consists of thinly sliced raw meat or fish that is drizzled with a sauce or dressing. In the case of octopus carpaccio, thin slices of raw octopus are used as the main ingredient.

The dish is known for its elegant presentation, garnished with various toppings and dressings to enhance the flavors and aesthetics.

The preparation of octopus carpaccio involves the following steps:

Cooking the Octopus: The octopus is first cooked before being sliced. This can be done through various cooking methods, such as boiling, steaming, or sous-vide. The goal is to achieve a tender and flavorful texture.

Slicing the Octopus: Once the octopus is cooked and cooled, it is thinly sliced into delicate pieces. The slices are usually arranged in a circular or artistic pattern on the serving plate.

Toppings and Dressing: Octopus carpaccio is often served with a variety of toppings and dressings to add flavors and textures. Common toppings can include microgreens, herbs, thinly sliced vegetables like radishes or cucumbers, and even citrus segments. The dish may also be drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic reduction, or a special dressing to enhance the taste of the octopus.

Garnishes: To add visual appeal, the dish may be garnished with colorful ingredients like edible flowers, sesame seeds, or chili flakes.

It’s worth noting that while the term “carpaccio” traditionally refers to raw meat, fish, or vegetables, octopus carpaccio typically involves pre-cooked octopus. This is done for safety reasons, as raw octopus can be tough and chewy, and cooking it beforehand ensures a tender and enjoyable texture.

Octopus carpaccio is a popular dish in Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, combining the best of both worlds with the delicate Italian presentation and the use of octopus, a beloved seafood ingredient in Japan. It offers a refreshing and delightful dining experience for those who enjoy the flavors of the sea and appreciate artful plating.

How to make Octopus Carpaccio

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