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What is Hiyashi Chuka?

Hiyashi Chuka (冷やし中華) is a popular Japanese cold noodle dish, especially enjoyed during the hot summer months. The name “hiyashi” means “cold” or “chilled,” and “chuka” refers to Chinese-style dishes, reflecting the dish’s origins in Chinese cuisine.

Hiyashi Chuka typically consists of the following components:

  1. Chilled Noodles: The dish features thin, wheat-based noodles that are cooked and then cooled with cold water or ice to maintain their chewy texture.
  2. Assorted Toppings: A variety of colorful toppings are arranged over the chilled noodles. Common toppings include:
    • Sliced cucumbers
    • Julienne-cut ham or char siu (Chinese BBQ pork)
    • Thinly sliced omelet or tamagoyaki
    • Shredded lettuce or salad greens
    • Sliced tomatoes
    • Shredded chicken or crabsticks
    • Pickled ginger
    • Sesame seeds
  3. Hiyashi Chuka Sauce: The dish is typically dressed with a tangy, sweet, and savory sauce known as “hiyashi chuka sauce.” The sauce is made from a combination of soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, and sometimes other flavorings like ginger or garlic.

To enjoy Hiyashi Chuka, diners typically mix the toppings and sauce together with the chilled noodles. The result is a refreshing and light noodle dish with a delightful balance of flavors and textures.

Hiyashi Chuka is a favorite in Japan during the summertime, and it is commonly found at noodle shops, restaurants, and even sold as a pre-packaged meal in supermarkets. It offers a delicious alternative to hot soups and stews, providing a cooling and satisfying meal on hot and humid days.

How to make Hiyashi Chuka

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