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What is Yakitori?

Yakitori (焼き鳥) is a popular Japanese dish that consists of skewered and grilled chicken, often seasoned with a savory and slightly sweet sauce. The term “yakitori” translates to “grilled chicken” in Japanese, and it is a well-loved street food and traditional izakaya (Japanese pub) dish.

The main components of yakitori include:

  1. Chicken: Yakitori is primarily made with various parts of the chicken, such as chicken thighs, chicken breasts, chicken wings, chicken liver, and chicken skin. These parts are cut into small, bite-sized pieces and threaded onto bamboo skewers for grilling.
  2. Tare Sauce: The key to the distinct flavor of yakitori is the tare sauce used for basting. Tare is a sweet and savory sauce made from a combination of soy sauce, mirin (sweet rice wine), sake (Japanese rice wine), sugar, and sometimes other ingredients like garlic or ginger. The sauce is brushed onto the chicken as it grills, creating a delicious glaze and enhancing the taste of the meat.
  3. Salt: In addition to tare sauce, some yakitori may be simply seasoned with salt, especially for cuts of chicken that have a naturally rich flavor.

The preparation and cooking of yakitori involve the following steps:

  1. The chicken pieces are cut into uniform sizes and threaded onto skewers.
  2. The skewered chicken is grilled over a charcoal or gas grill, occasionally brushed with the tare sauce or seasoned with salt as it cooks.
  3. The skewers are turned regularly to ensure even cooking and to avoid burning.
  4. Once the chicken is cooked through and has developed a beautiful glaze, it is served hot and typically enjoyed immediately.

In addition to traditional chicken yakitori, there are various yakitori variations that may include other ingredients like vegetables, beef, pork, seafood, and even tofu, providing a diverse range of flavors and options.

Yakitori is a popular and flavorful dish that is commonly enjoyed in casual settings, such as yakitori-ya (specialized yakitori restaurants), izakayas, and food stalls. It is often served with a cold beer or other alcoholic beverages and is a fantastic representation of the delicious simplicity of Japanese cuisine.

How to make Yakitori

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